Best ways to promote worker productivity (Part 1)

Having a productive work environment is essential for any business, and therefore it is vital that you make sure your office allows your employees to be as happy, relaxed and focused as possible. As leading suppliers of office partitioning throughout Warwickshire, at Partridge Interiors we understand how to create a productive office and improve employees’  efficiency.

Example of open plan office

Here are some of the best ways that you can promote worker productivity.  Very simple changes to your work environment can automatically make your employees feel happier and more productive, so you may want to consider making some cosmetic changes that will make your employees feel calmer and more creative.

This can be achieved by hanging artwork that will help your employees feel more relaxed, improving the available lighting to make them feel more awake and providing ergonomic furniture that will help to prevent repetitive strain injuries and pain caused by improper posture.

You may also want to consider installing a comfortable break room where your employees can relax and unwind during their allocated break times. Allowing them this time to rest, while also providing them with complementary items such as tea and coffee, will make them feel refreshed and far more productive when they return to their desk



Busy, noisy office environments can be extremely distracting and can significantly lower a worker’s productivity. Workers may feel the need to wear headphones to block out background noise or even work longer hours to make up for distractions during the day, so you should make sure that they have access to a private space where they can work and not be distracted by what’s going on around them.

Partitioning walls is a great way to offer privacy to your employees, allowing them to be more focused on their work and minimising external distractions. You should also ask your employees personally if they have noticed any distractions within the office, and if this is the case you should make it a priority to remove or minimise these elements.

Top view of young woman working at her desk with laptop and documents. Business woman working at desk in office.
Business woman working at desk in office.


It’s a fact; your employees will work harder if they are working towards a reward. You should never be afraid to praise your employees publicly for their hard work and you could also consider handing out prizes to those who have, for example, exceeded their targets.

These prizes don’t have to be major – even contributions such as a £10 gift card will make your employees feel appreciated and give them a goal that they will work hard to achieve.

As you can see, making simple changes to your office environment can make your employees far more productive, and at Partridge Interiors, we can help you to achieve these changes. For more information, contact us today.