Best ways to promote worker productivity (Part 2)

At Partridge Interiors our main focus is to make your business working environment a more efficient and effective place of work through our expertise in providing suspended ceilings and office partitioning throughout Warwickshire.  In Part 2 of our blog we take a look at how clear accountability and setting realistic targets can help your business achieve its goals.

In the first part of our blog series to help promote worker productivity in your work place, we analysed how cosmetic improvements, rewards and staff privacy can help to boost productivity, but there are many other ideas that you can implement to boost productivity in your workers.


The most direct way to give a worker a productivity boost is through giving them responsibility. We all know the feeling and it’s one you can’t underestimate. Passing the buck is a bane to many in the workplace, particularly if you’re on the receiving end of it, so giving clear channels of responsibility prevents anyone from shying away from their responsibility. Equally it can instil pride in the individual and gives them a clear focus of their job role.


Realistic Targets

Setting unrealistic targets can breed a very negative culture within your company. People can become unhappy in their place of work fairly quickly if they feel they are being taken advantage of or simply feel stressed at the pressure of completing a particularly unrealistic task. Even if someone is capable of achieving something, don’t overstretch them; give the person a reasonable time-frame in which to complete a task or you risk burning them out.

Don’t underestimate the importance of teamwork. Everybody likes being part of a well oiled machine, although some thrive in it more than others. Teamwork allows for the pooling of ideas and minds and can sometimes throw out some of the most brilliant suggestions. Equally, just on the most simplistic level, working alone can be, well, lonely! Mixing up the working dynamics by encouraging team work within your staff can not only make for a more efficient working environment, but a happier one. Also, providing your team with more opportunities to discuss and interact with one another will breed a closer knit team.


Even the smallest of changes can make a huge impact and positive response in terms of worker productivity and happiness, so it’s important to consider how every change can alter the workplace dynamics. A butterfly flaps its wings and causes increased worker productivity, we believe the old adage goes. So to discuss your workplace needs and how our services can aid in boosting workplace morale, efficiency and productivity, don’t hesitate to call our friendly team on 01926 601170.

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