Do open offices sap employees’ productivity?



Having an open office has often been a symbol of a collaborative, creative workforce; employees bouncing ideas around and being free to be able to work together without the boundaries or space restrictions of individual offices. However, do big, open spaces cause issues for companies who don’t necessarily need a space which promotes

They Can Be Extremely Noisy

Within an open office, you don’t have many places to escape to in your own little bubble and get on with your work.

We’ve learnt a lot from installing office partitioning in Coventry, and one of the main reasons that many offices invest in partitions is to give their employees some form of barrier which breaks up the noise in a busy office.


Even if an office isn’t reliant on collaboration between employees they can get pretty loud; phone calls and multiple computers whirring away, coupled with the tap-tapping of keyboards being over-used can become very frustrating.

There Are More Distractions

Another huge downside to investing in an open office design when you don’t need a collaborative environment is that there are many more distractions in place than when having your own office space.

As we have just mentioned, there will be multiple phone calls and conversations going on within the office, and it can be extremely distracting to other people in the area, especially if the employee is caught between a conversation between two other employees.


Visual distractions are also a huge issue when it comes to the productivity of your office. Humans are very visual beings and it’s only natural that we get distracted when we notice movement.

This is because our visual system is designed to be drawn to movement, so it’s no wonder that our productivity declines when there is a huge range of movement within our environment.

They Break People’s Working Habits

Habits aren’t always a bad thing, and we’re sure that many of you have certain rituals or workflows set up within your workspace to allow you to get on with your work without any issues.

In an open office, there is a serious lack of boundaries, especially when it comes to desk space. This means that some people’s work habits may be disrupted and the work that they produce will decrease in volume and possibly quality.


Although office spaces can be extremely beneficial to certain companies, namely those who rely on their employees working together to create innovative and creative ideas, they aren’t suitable for every office environment.

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