How an agile office will benefit your business

There’s a new buzzword in town that the office workers and managers among you need to know about. If you’re constantly looking for ways to make the working day more enjoyable for staff, thus making them more productive, then look no further!

The ‘agile office’ is sweeping the working world as one of the most effective ways to get the most from your workers.

The fact that Google uses this style of workplace is testament to how great it is. So here’s a bit about what it entails and how you can bring it to your business.


What is it?

It draws on the idea that working is an activity rather than a place, so people should be free to move around different areas of the office in order to fulfil their workload. Doing so inspires innovation, collaboration and the ability to speak to different departments, so there’s no back and forth that can take time and lead to misinterpretations.

How Do I Implement It?

Some ideas about how this could work include having a meeting area, a teamwork zone, a dedicated area for paper copying, as well as private booths for staff to carry out tasks alone.

The easiest way to implement this is to look for a company, such as Partridge Interiors, who install office partitions throughout Warwickshire, so that you can create different zones. It will allow the flexibility of your workforce to carry out tasks alone, as well as bounce ideas with their colleagues to come up with new solutions and ideas.


What are the Benefits?

Encouraging flexibility in the office is proven to make workers more productive because it makes them happier, more innovative, and gives them more control over the working day.

In fact, happiness at work can increase productivity by 12% according to research carried out by the University of Warwick. By incorporating an agile environment, or adding elements of it to your place of work, people are inspired to take on a bigger workload because they have room to collaborate and are trusted to get on with their work.

So if you’d like to nurture a dynamic workforce, the easiest way to implement an agile office is by installing office partitions. It will allow your staff privacy for when they need it, but the freedom to go between different areas should they need to collaborate on work.

For more information about how Partridge Interiors can help you achieve this, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 01926 601170 and a member of our friendly and professional team will be happy to help.