Is your workplace heading for dysfunctional disaster?

Working in an office can be the best experience ever, or feel like the worst place ever. We’re not denying that all offices can have equally bad and good days, but offices which have more bad than good days are at risk of becoming a dysfunctional dilemma. Does your workplace fall into this category?  And, if so, what can you do to resolve it quickly and efficiently?

As leading providers of office partitions throughout Warwickshire, we’ve seen our fair share of different offices and how they work. We’ve put together a short list of how to spot if your workplace is starting to become dysfunctional, and how you can combat it.

No Sense of Order

In a successful workplace, there is always someone who knows what is going on. If your workplace is left to its own devices with no one in charge, you can be sure you’re going to hit some snags when it comes to the smooth running of the office.

You need someone who is able to tackle issues and knows the ins and outs of how the office works to be available, otherwise there is no sense of order. Make sure the entire workforce knows the hierarchy of the office and who they should go to if there is a problem.


Lack of Communication

The beauty of working in an office is that you can collaborate with other people; even if you have your own separate office or are separated from colleagues through the use of office partitions, you still have the option to get up and talk to other people.

If no one talks to each other and discusses their work, you may have a problem within your office. Workers should be allowed to collaborate and discuss their work without fear of reprimand and it’s important that they feel like they can suggest improvements that can be made to make the workplace a more productive place to be.


No one likes a stagnant office. Nothing productive will ever get done and your employees will feel less invested in their work. Make sure that your employees know that their suggestions are valued and that the work that they are undertaking provides them with some sort of sense of fulfilment.

Who Cares?

A worrying sign that your office isn’t the most functional is the feeling that nobody cares. If work is being done and there is no praise given when due, you can bet that your workforce won’t care about the work that they are doing.

If projects are consistently late in being completed, it’s important to jump on the problem and address it with the relevant office to show that their work does matter.



It’s also important to create a caring environment to support the workforce as a whole. You can’t work together as a successful team without everyone looking out for each other.

Plan a staff get-together outside work and promote collaboration in the workplace and you will definitely see an improvement in the productivity and care that your staff put into their work.

If you are looking for a way to improve the productivity and functionality of your office, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Partridge Interiors in Warwickshire. We are renowned for our high quality office partitions and suspended ceilings which can quickly and easily alter an office’s functionality. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 01926 601170 and one of our team will be happy to help.

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