Open plan offices – are they really a good idea?

Over the years, we have seen an increase in the implementation of open plan office design. Whether it be to encourage more productivity in the workplace, or just simply to make the room look more open and welcoming; we can’t deny that this trend has been extremely popular. But are open plan offices really as great as they seem?  Let’s delve a little deeper……….

In this latest blog, we look at the benefits and the drawbacks of such an open plan space in the office.

The Benefits

Let’s start off with the benefits of having an open plan office design and what attracted companies to implementing them in the first place.

Interior Of Busy Modern Open Plan Office
Interior Of Busy Modern Open Plan Office

Promotes Friendship and Communication

– the use of such an open design allows employees to strike up friendships and conversations, and reduces the feeling of isolation and loneliness that having your own office space can bring. It’s far easier to make friends when you’re all in the same room and constantly in each other’s company.

Cost Effective– it costs a lot less to light a large room than several smaller rooms, and it keeps the heating cost down with more people in one space. It also cuts down on wasted office space which often occurs in smaller more personal offices.

The Drawbacks


Too Many Distractions

– even though open plan offices can provide an excellent environment for communication between employees, this can also result in more distractions. Distracted people aren’t going to be as productive as those who are fully focused on their job.

Exposure to Germs– When you work anywhere with other people, you will be exposed to germs, but when you are situated in an open plan office, there is no escaping illness and bacteria. Everything in an open office is communal; the phones, the computers and even objects such as mugs and stationery are all used by other people.

The Result

So, are open plan offices as good as they have been made out to be? We think that the answer all depends on the workplace and its needs.


Some companies can benefit from having an open plan office, such as call centres and other industry that relies on communication between employees.

Similarly, some companies can benefit from having private offices, such as legal companies where privacy is important.

At Partridge interiors, we understand that different companies have different needs. We specialise in bespoke partition walls, which can transform an open plan office into a more productive, private environment for employees, while still benefitting from an open plan design.

If you are looking into investing in office partitions in Warwickshire, or simply want more information on our products and services, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your enquiry.

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