Secrets of a ceiling fitter

You wouldn’t believe the number of amazing offices we’ve decked out with suspended ceilings in Warwickshire! From the smallest corner rooms, closed off from the rest of the world, to sweeping open spaces designed for each and every employee to marvel at the full stretch of their work space.

We’ve fitted hallways and cupboard rooms, staff rooms and chill out zones and yet in every single office we’ve been into, we’ve experienced the same thing: an undiluted need to benefit from a better fitted, cooler looking and more efficient ceiling.

You’d be surprised at just how much of an improvement a suspended ceiling can do for you and your employees. We’re talking everything from energy efficiency, to reduced sound pollution, and the best part? It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!



What most people think about as they step through the doors of an office is the general appearance and presentation of the business they’ve just walked into. Having loose and exposed wires, piping, cables, metal work and age-old chipped paint covering your ceiling isn’t going to produce the desired effect you’re looking for.

Luckily suspended ceilings are designed to cover these imperfections with very little disruption and (what most people don’t realise) the way in which the individual panels are fitted allows you to access any important components in your ceiling without any hassle! So you’re not blocking off all of those wires and pipes for good, you’re just giving them a little bit of cover from the roaming eyes of your customers and potential clients.



The sound of your office is one of the key elements that affects your employees’ productivity (though often people just don’t realise it). If you’re sat in a loud, rambling office, the sound of keyboards tapping away, phones ringing every couple of seconds and people chatting without a care for those surrounding them, can all become slightly distracting.

Have no fear, the beauty of a suspended ceiling means that excess sound and echoing voices are absorbed by the panels, reducing the volume in your office and creating a quieter work place for you and your employees to work efficiently.


Saving You Money!

One aspect of a suspended ceiling that many people don’t necessarily realise is that it’s actually saving you more money! Trapping heat inside your office instead of allowing it to escape, keeps your office warm and stops you from turning on the heating. Handy when it comes to the winter months, this ingenious design detail allows you to become more energy efficient!


Ceilings can either make or break the entire ambiance of a room, so it’s important you choose the right design for you and your business. If you have any questions, contact us on 01926 601170 and we’ll use our 20 of years experience to help you find the perfect fit for you.