The funny thing about the office

At Partridge Interiors we pride ourselves on our experienced specialists, overseeing the installation of partition walls and suspended ceilings in Warwickshire. The part of our job which makes the hard work worthwhile is understanding that our customers’ office layout will bring about the communicative improvements their business deserves.

Well, that’s the idea…

Comedy television shows and films have a different view of offices, in that the common theme tends to stray away from the effectiveness of the surrounding interior and layout and tends to focus on a protagonist who is either an inadvertent buffoon or the boss from hell.

But what is it about offices that are ripe for comedy?

The Office

In The Office, the sometimes capable and sometimes cringe-inducing boss, David Brent, takes advantage of the open plan layout of the business by using every opportunity to ‘entertain’ his captive audience. Brent finds himself inadvertently headbutting a co-worker, involved in his own one-man-dance-off and partaking in countless one-upmanshipps, all in the name of being a “chilled out entertainer” before being a boss.

Office Space

Office Space addresses the feeling of being in a large firm where you are smarter than your boss, although it doesn’t help that the boss is smarmy and a pretty detestable human being to boot. The collective sense of camaraderie created by the partition walls allows for teamwork on a scale that the company could never have anticipated, as a group of disgruntled workers inadvertently fleece the company with a scam that grows to a much larger scale than intended.

Parks & Recreation

Parks & Recreation is set in the office of a mid-level bureaucrat and follows the day-to-day lives of the workers as they are faced with the challenges of working in an American Parks Department. Several characters have their own office, which allows for comedy stemming from the catty behind-their-back-behaviour that can occur in a small office, but due to the nature of close-quarter working long-lasting friendships are formed, with the sound of wedding bells occurring on more than one occasion.

The impact of an office’s layout doesn’t just play a part in creating amusing scenarios (although we’re sure you all have an anecdote or two) but also genuinely allows for the improved overall communication throughout the office. If you aren’t a Brent-esque boss who feels the need to entertain en masse and are looking to introduce the benefits that come from suspended ceilings and partition walling, or would just like to chat about what we can offer, then please contact us and one of friendly team will be more than happy to help.