Tidy desk tidy mind? Or maybe not!

Anyone that works in an office will know that there are generally two types of desk that you are likely to see, messy and tidy. Having supplied office fixtures such as office partitions in Warwickshire for over 20 years years now, we at Partridge Interiors thought that we were experienced enough to wade in on the issue.  Do you fit firmly into the messy category…?

If chaotic describes your desk decor then you will no doubt be sick of hearing folks tell you that your untidy desk is a sign that you are disorganised and that it negatively impacts your work and your organisation.

‘If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, then what are we to think of an empty desk?’
– Albert Einstein

Well thankfully Einstein has always been on your side (good old Al) but it now seems that there is more to support an untidy desk. It turns out that your desk of many colours, objects, files, pens, wires, sweets, cans, mugs… well you get the gist, may even be a helping hand for those in certain roles.

Businessman's desk with laptop, tablet smartphone and stationery
Businessman’s desk with laptop, tablet smartphone and stationery

Creative Roles

If your job requires you to generate new ideas and think outside the box then apparently you will most likely have a desk that is cluttered. Studies have shown that people with tidy desks make more conventional choices which simply don’t cut it in a creative environment. So if you are chastised for the state of your desk, it will hopefully pay off with plenty of praise for your ideas!

Sales Roles

One of the key factors in being a great sales person is to be able to think on your feet and keep people talking: after all, conversations create conversions. A clinical and empty desk is hardly the kind of place from which you can draw inspiration to keep that big client on the phone for that little bit longer and get them on board is it? Photos, notes and gadgets provide a perfect inspiration for those more difficult customer conversations.

Design Roles

In a similar way to creative roles, design roles require you to be able to see the bigger picture and look beyond the accepted norm. Having scale models, examples and inspiration all over the place is a great way to make sure that you are always able to make progress.

Businessman's desk with laptop, tablet smartphone and stationery
Businessman’s desk with laptop, tablet smartphone and stationery

Well, that settles it! A messy desk isn’t a bad thing, and can for many be even more useful than a tidy one for those creative types. So if you make a pledge every weekend to get your desk tidy on Monday morning then relax, it may just be part of what makes you so good at your job!

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