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The world’s leading logistics company DHL delivers more than parcels to your doorstep. As part of their GoHelp Programme in partnership with United Nations in Disaster Management, they provide free access to their core competence in logistics, staff expertise and their global network. Their Disaster Response Teams respond to natural disasters by supporting the handling of relief goods at airports.

Back to the day-to-day work in the UK, DHL have built a colossal distribution centre at Avonmouth to provide a better service for the people in the South West of England and Wales. Their new cross-dock facility will handle the largest of trucks making the transport of goods more efficient, reducing noise pollution and congestion.


Working to DHL’s specification, Partridge Interiors Ltd designed and installed three executive offices which overlook the hive of activity in the warehouse below. Along the opposite wall a sleek Komfire 75 system with double-glazed modules was constructed. This affords a floor to head-height view onto a communal work space. Integral blinds were fitted to give a privacy option and the rooms were divided with solid partition walls which were taped and jointed ready for decoration. All framework and skirting were powder-coated in DHL corporate colours giving a stylish finish.

Display unit shelving service desk

Our feet will hopefully last us a lifetime but how we look after our health and our feet can make a big difference to the quality of our life.  The College of Podiatry advise us that, ‘keeping your feet healthy is only part of preventing foot problems; it is also essential that you wear correct fitting shoes.’

Partridge Interiors Ltd were called to provide joinery services for the shop fitout at the award-winning ShoeMed who provide shoes for comfort, fit and style, and a personalised shoe fitting service in Stratford-Upon-Avon. Bespoke wall units were made to display their wide range of footwear, speciality socks and accessories. To complete the look a matching service desk was designed and built to house the till, foot care advice leaflets and sundries.

Wearing the correct footwear can prevent foot problems and alleviate existing ones. Common problems include; corns and calluses, blisters, bunions, plantar fasciitis and Morton’s neuroma. A study looking at footwear characteristics and foot problems in older people highlighted the need for a footwear assessment in the management of foot problems when they found that incorrectly fitting footwear was strongly associated with foot pain and forefoot pathology. Diabetes UK advises us that most amputations in people with diabetes can be prevented and gives 10 simple steps on how to look after your feet including making sure footwear fits. The trained staff at ShoeMed understand that painful feet can affect the rest of the body and help people with hard to fit feet, or people who just want excellent quality and comfortable shoes, find the right shoe for them.


Gardening is, undeniably, one of the nation’s favourite leisure activities. Credited with reducing stress and providing a great source of exercise, it’s no wonder we are so keen to be at one with nature; smelling roses and weeding has been scientifically proven to lower blood pressure, increase brain activity and give you a positive boost. Not only that, but whilst you’re outdoors you’re also exposed to plenty of vitamin D to strengthen your immune system. Read more


First Panattoni, newly formed from the merger of First Industrial and Panattoni Europe, is one of Europe’s largest industrial developers. Due mainly to the fast growth of the e-commerce sector, the company has developed sites in Europe for Amazon, Decathlon and H&M and plans to build mega-sheds across the UK.

Partridge Interiors Ltd initially worked with First Industrial at their Midlands office providing the original fit-out with suspended ceilings, partition walls, joinery and ongoing maintenance reconfiguring the disabled toilets, lifting floors for British Telecom and relaying them. With the company’s merger has come continual growth and the need for an evolving, dynamic workspace. Partridge Interiors Ltd was called to create and open office area in 2016, then were delighted to be called upon again in 2017 to turn an alcove into an office. The existing Tenon Fire and Sound 75 system was reconfigured by adding a partition wall, double-glazed screen with integral blinds, solid toughened glass locking door and decoration.

‘Partridge Interiors Ltd provides a quick, cost-effective, professional and friendly service again and again’. First Panattoni, Warwick UK.